Welcome to Career Bios, a website about the careers of prominent individuals in industries ranging from technology to government to private equity and financial sector hot shots.

Career Bios compiles the stories of people whose career histories are of interest but may not be as well known as some of their contemporaries. The politicians and professionals whose careers are summarized on this site are not only notable for their accomplishments, but also for their community activism and philanthropy.

How Can Career Bios Help You?

From a career standpoint, many people are unsure of where they want to go in life or how to get there if they do. Other people operate under the belief that even if they know what they want, certain pathways are not open to them. It is common to hear that without family influence, wealth, or connections it is impossible to obtain certain dreams. Of course it is helpful to have these things, but there are many examples of successful people in the world who got where they are through a variety of different paths. Influence,wealth, and connections can be earned through experience, education, and opportunity.

Learning about the career biographies of others–throughout a variety of indistries–is helpful for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is that the example may help qualify what needs to be done to follow a similar path. On another level, it is just good sense to know what important people are up to and how they got where they are. The more you know and learn about the world, and especially about people who influence it, the more that understanding will help you on your own career path–even if your dream is entirely different than the person or people you are studying.

Career bios attempts to catalogue a variety of biographies from a variety of individuals at different levels of prominence, importance, and way of ascending the ladder of success. We hope the information and resources available here will be helpful for people looking to improve their professional goals, corporate attitude or career outlook by studying the lives of others.