Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Psychiatrist, Radio Talk Show Host and Author
Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a cultural and moral commentator known for her radio call-in show Dr. Laura. Described as an outspoken critic of controversial issues, Laura Schlessinger tackles controversial issues like euthanasia, abortion, and same-sex marriage.

Kathleen Kennedy
Film Producer
Considered one of the most powerful women in Hollywood, Kathleen Kennedy is known for producing quite a number of top 20 American films. Born in Berkeley, California on June 5, 1953, Kathleen Kennedy is well known for producing the movie ET the Extra Terrestrial and the Jurassic Park series. Her main business partners are director Steven Spielberg and her husband Frank Marshall.

Michael Eisner
Former Disney CEO and media consultant
One of Walt Disney Company’s most famous former Chief Executive Officers, Michael Eisner, continues his dedication to leading in media and business. Currently, among other things, he hosts and is executive producer of Conversations with Michael Eisner which airs on Mondays at CNBC.

Susan Whiting
Executive Vice President of The Nielsen Company
Susan Whiting is Executive Vice President of The Nielsen Company. Nielsen is the world’s leading provider of marketing information and audience measurement services, including music, movies, books, home entertainment, videogames, mobile, and the Internet; plus business media products and services. As EVP, Susan Whiting has responsibility for global marketing and product leadership efforts across the organization. She also serves as Chairman of Nielsen Media Research, the world-famous television ratings company.