Founder of Yahoo!

Born in Taipei, Taiwan on November 6, 1968, Jerry Yang moved to San Jose, California at the age of 10, with his mother and younger brother. His father died when he was two, and his mother had to take care of Jerry and his brother from then on. Nevertheless, Jerry Yang lived normally in his younger years. He finished his middle school education at Sierramont Middle School, and went to Piedmont Hills for his high school education.

Jerry Yang then studied electrical engineering at Stanford University and received his Bachelor’s degree. He proceeded to complete his Masters of Science in electrical engineering at Stanford University. While an electrical engineering student, April 1994, he cofounded a software experiment with David Filo. Their creation was an Internet website that contained directories of other websites that they called Jerry and Dave’s Guide to the World Wide Web. It became very popular and was eventually renamed Yahoo!.

Yahoo! became one often most used software and Jerry Yang and David Filo’s business grew into Yahoo! Inc. Yahoo! is now one of the top Internet brands that holds the most traffic views on the Internet.

Jerry Yang is currently on the board of directors of Alibaba, the Asian Pacific Fund, Cisco, and Yahoo! Japan.